Where Did Moshe Receive Prophecy?


Where did Moshe stand when HaShem spoke to him from the Ohel Mo’ed (tent of meeting): from above the cover of the ark from between the two cherubim which are upon the ark of the testimony? (Leviticus 1:1, Shemot 25:22, Bamidbar 7:89 etc.)

Did Moshe stood in the Kodesh — Holy — or in the Kodesh Hakadashim — Holy of Holies — at the times HaShem spoke to him?



  1. Rashi explains that when God spoke to Moshe His Voice would come down from the Spiritual Realms to in between the Cherubs on top of the Holy Ark and Moshe would “hear” the words whilst he was standing on the outer chamber of the Mishkan.

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