What is the Fast of Esther?


Hi rabbi, what does the Fast of Esther commemorate? Thanks

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  1. When the Jewish People are under threat, as they were in the time of Haman and the Purim story, they not only prepare to defend themselves but also pray as a community to God for help.

    On the 13th day of Adar, they gathered to pray and also fasted in order to humble themselves to help repent fully. This day is called “The Fast of Esther”.

    The fighting took place on the next day, the 14th, and the Jews won, without losing even one person. They rested that day, a day that is now celebrated as Purim. In Shushan, the Persian capital where Esther, Mordedchai and Haman resided, the fighting continued one more day. The Jews won there as well, and then they rested, and we celebrate that day as “Shushan Purim” in Jerusalem and in certain other cities that were walled off from the days of Joshua.

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