Was the Western Wall Destroyed and Rebuilt?


When the Jerusalem was destroyed by Romans, did the Romans destroy also Western Wall back then but later built it again? Best Wishes.

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  1. No, the Western Wall, which was one of the retaining walls around the Temple, was never destroyed. There is a tradition that God’s Divine Presence never departed from the Western Wall. A vast number of people continue nowadays to visit the Western Wall on a regular basis, even daily, where they pour out their hearts to God in prayer.

    The measurements of the Wall, as it stands today, are 488 meters long, 55 meters high, and on the average 1.5 meters wide. The Western and Southern walls of the Temple mount date back mostly to Herod’s renovation of the Temple. There is a possibility that the lowest levels of these walls are from King Solomon’s Temple. The Northern wall dates back to Herod and the Eastern wall is from the Second Temple of Nechemia, with some additions by the Hasmonean dynasty and some renovations by King Herod.

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