Wanting to Become a Tazddik


I want to be a tzaddik. But I’m too lagging behind spiritually. I believe it will be helpful to listen to Jewish advice about this matter because there are many Jewish tzaddikim. What shall I do to become a tzaddik?

4 months


  1. First, please allow me to say how inspired I am by your aspirations!

    In truth, I think that you have answered your own question. You write that you are lagging behind spiritually, but the very definition of a Tzaddik is someone who works on himself constantly to reach higher and higher levels of righteousness. No one is born a Tzaddik. Becoming a Tzaddik and sustaining one’s levels of righteousness and piety is a lifetime’s work, and the only way that a person can possibly get there is by working at it each day and not imagining that they have reached the level of being a Tzaddik and that they do not need to continue toiling in their spiritual aspirations.

    Best wishes from the AskTheRabbi.org Team