Tzitzis Knots


When my wife does the laundry, she puts my tsitsis in a nylon mesh bag to keep them from getting tangled. However, the knots still become loose. On closer inspection, I noticed that the final knot is what in Boy Scouts we used to call a “granny” knot, that is, an incorrectly tied square knot. A granny knot is easy to loosen. A square knot is easy to keep tight. They are both tied using two “overhand” knots, but a square knot is “right over left and under; left over right and under”. Can I retie the tsitsis using square knots? Thank you.

16 years


  1. I am not really familiar with the names of different kinds of knots but it sounds as if the knot that you currectly have is the correct kind as, according to the Halacha, the knots on Tzitzis should not be permanent ones. That means that however vexing you might find it you should keep them as they are and just keep an eye on them so that they shouldn’t come undone and the thread wrapped around the outside of the other threads shouldn’t start to unravel.

    Best wishes from the Team