Toiveling Dishes


Dear Rabbi,
I am not orthodox. I affiliate with a conservative temple, but I attend only occasionally. I do not keep Shabbat. I keep some degree of kashrut in the home, but not anything that orthodox people will accept as kosher. And I eat out all the time at non-kosher restaurants. I have decided I want to start toveling my dishes. I have two questions about that.
1.) Does a Jew have to be fully observant in order for the toveling to be valid?
2.) Some of my dishes I have previously used and continue to with food that orthodox people don’t accept as kosher. If I brought those dishes to the mikvah, would it contaminate the mikvah for orthodox people?



  1. 1. No, a Jew does not have to be fully observant to toivel their dishes. However, it is true that there is a certain paradox with toiveling dishes and eating non-Kosher food off of them.

    2. There is no concern that your dishes will “contaminate” the Mikveh or the dishes of the other people who come to use it.

    Best wishes from the Team