Thoughts and Feelings


Hi rabbi, I have a question. If I have bad thoughts and feelings does that make me a bad person?

For example, I gave my friend’s name for a job opportunity in my office and when he got the job I felt upset. The reason I felt upset is because my chances of being promoted were slim once my very accomplished and well known friend was hired. I never expressed the way I really felt to him or anyone else, and just pretended I was excited that he got the job. Does it make me a bad person if had bad thought or feelings yet I never acted on them?

This question also goes beyond the example I provided. Thank you in advance for your help.

, 3 years


  1. No. You are not a bad person. The main defining factor is your actions, not your feelings.

    That means that you did a wonderful Mitzva. The truth is that your emotions and feelings are testimony to how great your actions really were. What you did would have been a great Mitzva if you had wanted to advance your friend’s work prospects – imagine how much greater it was in the Eyes of God that, in your heart, you were not so enthusiastic about doing it but you did it anyway.

    Best wishes from the Team