The Thirteen Principles of Faith


What are Judaism’s main beliefs?

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  1. You’ve asked a very important question. It is a question that essentially goes to the core understanding of what Judaism really is.

    Maimonides, in the 12th century, was the first Jewish scholar to systematically list and explain the principles of Jewish belief. His “Thirteen Principles of Faith” became the most authoritative formulation. They have been studied ever since in Jewish communities around the world.

    The first five principles concern the existence of God and beliefs about His nature. The next four are beliefs about God’s relationship and communication with the world and the Revelation of Torah. The final four speak of reward, punishment and humanity’s destiny.

    Below is a brief list of the principles. (Please feel free to write again any time for further explanation of these principles.)

    1. The Existence of God
    2. The Unity of God
    3. God is not Corporeal
    4. The Eternity of God
    5. Devotion to God
    6. The Existence of Prophecy
    7. The Prophecy of Moses
    8. Torah from Heaven
    9. The Eternity of Torah
    10. God’s Omniscience
    11. Reward and Punishment
    12. The Days of the Messiah
    13. Resurrection

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