The Six Remembrances


The Six Remembrances (Ashkenazi) are read
during Weekday Morning services.
1. Where exactly can I find these remembrances in the
Schacharit prayer service?
2. Do all prayer books contain these remembrances?

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  1. In all the Siddurim that I have, the Six Remembrances appear at the end of the Morning Service. I cannot tell you for sure that they are found in every Siddur, but now that I think about it, I am not sure that I have ever seen a Siddur that does not have them.

    Best wishes from the Team

  2. I still do not know exactly where the six remembrances are
    located “at the end of the Morning Service”.

    I tried Sim Shalom weekday prayer book.  I can only view this book online
    and the search feature does not work. I could not find the remembrances.
    I found Yigdal (13 principles).

    Please list several prayers that are said before and prayers that are said after it.


    • Hi, please permit me to add something here. There is a section in the ArtScroll Siddur after the completion of the morning prayers that are said together as a congregation. This part is also said by many individuals and is called “Readings after Shacharit.” There are The Six Remembrances, The Thirteen Principles of Faith, The Ten Commandments, and more. In the paperback version of the Siddur, it is found on page 176. I hope this helps. This Siddur is worthwhile acquiring, in my opinion, if possible.
      I also saw that a new book was released about the Six Remembrances that looks good, although I have not yet read it.
      Best wishes, RMN

      Best wishes from the Team

  3. In all the Siddurim that I looked at the Six Remembrances are found right before the Rambam’s Thirteen Principles of Faith (that all begin with the words “I believe with perfect faith”).

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  4. The Six Remembrances is something new for me. So I started some research to educate myself.

    You say that you never heard of a siddur which does not contain The Six Remembrances.
    I have found one for you – Weekday Shacharit Siddur Sim Shalom – from Rabbinical Assembly.
    “The original Siddur Sim Shalom is the first comprehensive siddur published for the Conservative movement.”
    I assume that your siddurs are all for the Orthodox movement.

    I spoke to someone who attends our weekday morning services and
    she said that our congregation does not say this prayer.
    It is not contained in our prayer book.

  5. You are correct. I only use and have access to Orthodox Siddurim. I actually have a collection of tens of different Siddurim and each one has the Six Remembrances straight after the Morning Services. Having said that, I have never prayed in a congregation that says the Six Remembrances out loud as an integral part of the services but I do say them privately at the end of the Morning Services each day.

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