1. By praying, you change yourself. Thus, God’s “decision” about what is good for you changes. It now becomes good, for example, for Bob to have a child, or to have health, or money or whatever, whereas before, it was good for him not to have those things.

    Why change from one good to another? There are different levels of good. For some people, chemotherapy might be good. But being healthy is a better good.

    Bad times can prompt a person to pray and develop a greater awareness of, and relationship to, God. Imagine a mother of two teenage daughters. The mother senses that the older daughter will benefit greatly from a close relationship to the mother, while the younger daughter will benefit from more “space.” What does she do? To the younger daughter she gives a car, a credit card and a gas card, and to the older daughter she gives none of these. Which daughter do you think she will end up spending more time with?

    Best wishes from the Team