The Purpose of Amalek


HaShem commanded Jews to eliminate Amalek. It seems that even very small amount of mercy toward Amalek is unforgivable. If HaShem hated Amalek so much, why did he create them? Apparently HaShem has an option not to make Amalek from the first place. Why did He create Amalek, then ordered Jews to destroy them?



  1. The Rabbis teach that Amalek serves a very great purpose in this world. The source of Amalek’s strength is from the Jewish nation. The closer we are to Hashem, the weaker Amalek is. The further away we drift from religious observance and the recognition that Hashem is our King, the stronger Amalek becomes. In effect, Amalek is our spiritual “barometer” of how spiritually aware we are, because we dictate how threatened we will be by the evilness of Amalek.

    It transpires that Amalek is actually a blessing. Because without the deterrent of Amalek, it would be even harder than it already is for the Jewish nation to remain connected to our Father in Heaven.

    Best wishes from the Team