The “Evils” of College


I Am an orthodox Jewish girl that is attending college which is a Jewish college that is only for girls. However my spirtiual mentor is telling me that college is wrong- and that a lot of gedolim in our times actually prohibit Jews to attending college. I know this is not a black and white issue. However I really want to know why college CAN BE an issue. I want to know all the negative aspects of college.. and why some gedolim are not pro college. And is getting a degree for “hishtadlos” for “parnasa” wrong?? please answer. Thank you.

16 years


  1. I am not quite sure what to answer you. I assume that the “dangers” of college are simply being exposed to non-Torah ideologies and/or appikorsus. Whilst these are truly serious, outside of the very Chassidic sects, I must admit to not really being familiar with Gedolim in America who say that women should not attend college in order to get degrees. The basic measuring rod has always been that a degree allows women access to certain professions that they would not be able to go into without proper qualifications and, once attained, the degree grants the ability to move ahead in certain fields and, at the same time, opens up better career opportunities afterwards.

    I think that the best thing to do, for now, would be to approach your spiritual mentor and ask him/her what exactly are the problems. Once you have that knowledge you will be better able to assimilate the information and decide whether the issues are applicable to you or not.

    If you want to discuss your mentor’s response please feel free to write in again to the same address as before: and if I can be of any more assistance about this subject (or anything else) please do not hesitate to be in contact and I will do my best to try and help you.

    Best wishes from the Team