The End of Days: Chavakuk 3:3


In Habakkuk 3:3 we read:

אֱל֙וֹהַּ֙ מִתֵּימָ֣ן יָב֔וֹא וְקָד֥וֹשׁ מֵהַר־פָּארָ֖ן……

“God is coming from Teman, and The Holy One from Mount Paran …..”

I could never understand why this verse is like this.

Does this part of the verse refer to two persons? Please help me. I’m so confused.



  1. According to the Malbim, the verse is referring to events that will occur only at the End of Days. The Malbim explains that during the last exile, the Jewish Nation will be oppressed by two empires – the Edomites and the Ishmaelites. The Edomites empire is the “Teiman” mentioned in the verse, and Ishmaelites are “Mount Paran” (as they are referred to in Tanach). At the End of Days, God will confront both of these nations and show them that their respective religions are not comparable in any way to the religion that He offered them at Mount Sinai.

    Best wishes from the Team