Oats in Hot Chocolate-Blessing


If we say hamotzi blessing to bread made of oat and sehakol to my morning hot chocolate, which blessing should I say to my hot chocolate when I put oat in it as well? I guess it depends on the amount of oat in the hot chocolate, am I right?

Or would it be motzi only if I bake the oat, but not when I cook it, even in my hot chocolate?

Maybe I should say mezonot as a halfway between motzi and sehakol? I don’t eat gluten, so I don’t really have many opportunities to say motzi, because even if bread or challa has oat in it, it can’t be made only of oat, or at least I don’t do it.

So this is the origin of my question: if I can add the amount of oat to my hot chocolate so it would be motzi, or it would never be, as motzi blessing is only to baked goods and not cooked? From what amount of oat in my hot chocolate would I need to change my sehakol blessing and to what, if it matters at all?



  1. The correct blessing to recite over oats is Borei Minei Mezonot. As you write, the blessing for hot chocolate is Shehakol. If you put a small amount of oats in your hot chocolate, you should recite Shehakol, as the oats are considered to be secondary to the hot chocolate.

    If, however, you add a large amount of oats, you should make a Mezonot over the mixture. If the hot chocolate is a still a recognizable liquid and has not been absorbed into the oats, then it would be correct to make a Shehakol over the hot chocolate as well.

    Best wishes from the AskTheRabbi.org Team