The Anger is the Danger


Hi Rabbi, why is anger seen as such a negative trait in Judaism? Isn’t it a natural human emotion? Thank you.



  1. I recently saw a sign that said the following: “Anger is only one letter short of Danger”. Although this may just sound like a clever play on words in English, there is much truth to the statement.

    Judaism means living according to choices made by our intellect. We are not supposed to be controlled by our emotions and desires. Rather, we received at Mt. Sinai a “Torah of life” that teaches how to intellectually know and choose right from wrong.

    Anger has the potential to destroy relationships. It harms one’s health, happiness and clarity of thought. An angry person is likely to err. Our Sages teach, “One who comes to anger, comes to err.”

    If one resists the “natural emotion” of anger for just a brief while — counting to ten for example — the “natural positive emotions” will return to the person and he will act based on rational and wise thinking.

    Best wishes from the Team