Ten Questions


1. How do Rabbis make money if not affiliated with a shul?

2. What is a shadchan?

3. Can a gay man become a Rabbi?

4. Are Kabblah organizations related to Judaism?

5. How many names does G-d have?

6. Do Orthodox Jews believe in the evil eye/Hamsa hand?

7. Do Orthodox Jews see the hamsa as a symbol of protection?

8. What is midrash?

9. Is there room for belief in evolution in Judaism?

10. Are all fruits and vegetables considered kosher?



    1. By teaching or by being involved in Kashrut organizations or by engaging in other professions.
    2. A matchmaker. The Shadchan suggests potential marriage partners.
    3. It is forbidden according to Jewish Law to practice homosexuality. If a man is not involved in homosexuality – even though he has homosexual feelings – there are no restrictions to his becoming a Rabbi.
    4. The Jewish ones are. Kabbalah is an integral part of Jewish theology – a problem is that it has become a fad in the non-Jewish world.
    5. Seven main names and seventy names all together.
    6. Some do and some do not but there is nothing prohibited about it.
    7. Ditto.
    8. It is a form of teaching that was used by the Sages to convey deep lessons and messages in a more hidden fashion.
    9. Yes, there is, but not the evolutionary theory of Darwin (which has never been proved).
    10. In theory yes, although some fruits and vegetables are prone to being infested with bugs and they cannot be eaten until the bugs are removed.

    Best wishes from the AskTheRabbi.org Team