Tehilim 134


Tehilim 134 says “to lift the hands of the servents of the Lord.”
Why during prayer must everyone raise their hands?
I mean, prayer can also done by folding hands, but at night why we should raise our hands during prayer?

2 years


  1. The simple understanding of the chapter is that it is referring to the Priests in the Temple and the way that they lifted up their hands to bless the people. It is not referring to anyone else in a literal sense and each person can pray either lifting up his hands or not as he sees fit. Some of the commentaries understand the verse in a figurative sense as well – that when a person stands before God in prayer he should make sure that his hands are clean of bloodshed and theft.

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  2. But after the destruction of temple who can bless the people?

  3. The Priests continue to bless the People within the Morning Prayer Service.

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