Supporting Antisemitic Entertainers


A number of popular entertainers (e.g. Kanye West) hold rabidly antisemitic views and make no secret of it. Yet their works are still enjoyable.

What is the Halacha when it comes to benefiting from their works? Is it permitted, for example, to listen to and enjoy their songs on the radio, whereas the listener gives them no money (although the radio station pays them)? How about being a fan and telling others that you like their music? How about purchasing something that includes their works, in which each purchase gives them a minute amount of money? How about attending a live show or concert where they receive money from each ticket sold? How about reading a book by an author, living or dead, who is an avowed antisemite, whether the book itself has antisemitic content or not?



  1. I must admit to being somewhat surprised at the question. How could any believing Jew possibly imagine that there is something positive in supporting an anti-Semite? Even if the person receives no direct monetary gain from whatever it is, they are still receiving adulation and potential revenue in the future. Such people should be shunned by the entire Jewish world – not just the religious Jewish world. Their music should not be listened to, their merchandise should not be bought, and their podcasts and social-media presence should be ignored. Anything “creative” that they are involved in should not be viewed or read. In short, their hatred and their bigotry should have no place in any Jew’s life.

    Best wishes from the Team