Sukkot in an Apartment


How to I observe Sukkot, I live in an apartment? Also, during Sukkot, do we just eat in the sukkah or eat and sleep?

9 months


  1. In theory one should live in a Sukkah in the way in which one lives in a house. That means to eat, sleep and learn Torah in the Sukkah. At the very least, one is supposed to eat their meals in a Sukkah over Sukkot.

    If you do not have the ability to build a Sukkah because of where you live, the best thing to do is to contact a local Orthodox Rabbi and tell him that you are “Sukkah-less” and ask him if he can help you. Hopefully, he will be able to find you families that have Sukkahs and who will be more than happy to host you for the meals.

    Best wishes from the Team