Successful Jews


Jews have been the most successful ethnic group from 20th century onward. Is it because of the merit of Torah study and mitzvot? Are Jews successful because Jews study Torah and keep mitzvot?



  1. I am not sure that that is the reason. There have been many, many successful Jews who did/do not keep the Mitzvot and study the Torah.

    What is true, though, is that Jews, in general, are driven to succeed in a world that does not like Jews nor tolerate them particularly. That means that many Jews try to prove themselves in an often overtly anti-Semitic world through their successes in their respective fields. That is why there are so many Jewish Nobel laureates in comparison to how many Jews there are in the world. That is why there are so many moguls and magnates and oligarchs who are Jewish.

    What is terrible sad, however, is that, ultimately, their successes do not help foster any goodwill for the Jews and for Israel, because anti-Semitism is built into the fabric of many societies throughout the world.

    Best wishes from the Team