Storing the Succah


Dear Rabbi, is there any special way to store a succah after Succot is over?

, 1 year


  1. Not really. I assume you plan to reuse the walls at least and should just keep them wherever is convenient. The schach used for covering the succah can be saved for the next year if it is made of something durable, like bamboo (aka keines) or the like. Advice: keep it in a dry place so it do it doesn’t get moldy. If you used something like tree branches or trimmings for schach, they can be thrown away if you don’t plan to reuse them, but since they were used for a mitzvah they shouldn’t be discarded in a place where people will trample on them. If you’re really creative, perhaps you can even find a way to use them for another mitzvah!

    Best wishes from the Team