Source of “Jewish Humor”


Even before I became a Torah observant Noahide, I had great interest in Jewish humor. I liked Baron Sasha Cohen, Andy Samberg, and other Jewish comedians. I had a book about Jewish humor in my house, I read it whenever I need a rest. Why are there so many Jewish comedians? Does Judaism encourage humor?



  1. An lot of Jewish humor is dark and sometimes even macabre. Often, the joke itself is not particularly funny, but rather it is the buildup to the joke, plus the fact that those listening are familiar with the Jewish background and Jewish personalities in the joke.

    Where does Jewish humor stem from? Personally, I think that it comes from the ceaseless persecutions over the generations. Jews have the most incredible ability to overcome oppression and victimization, and one of the most effective ways of achieving this is through humor. In effect, the Jewish approach to the agony of persecution is to either breakdown and cease to function, or to deflect the pain and the anguish through humor.

    For an entertaining and interesting view of the “evolution” of Jewish humor, I suggest that you read “Jewish Humor: What the Best Jewish Jokes Say About the Jews” by Joseph Telushkin.

    Best wishes from the Team