Song at the Sea


I am curious. We recite the song at the sea every day but it cuts off before Miriam leads the woman in a shorter version and I am just wondering why we dont say the entire passage including the song of the woman as its only like four or five more lines?



  1. It’s a fascinating question! I am not familiar with a classic source that answers it, but perhaps the answer is a technical one. According to the Rabbis, the Song of the Sea and the Song of Miriam are two separate songs. Our Sages regard them as separate entities, and each one is counted individually when our Sages make a reckoning of how many songs there are in Tanach. We are commanded to recite the Song of the Sea each day in our prayers, and, since the Song of Miriam is a separate song it is not included in the obligation to recite the Song of the Sea.

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