Shechinah and Torah Scholars


I read that holy shekhinah dwells on the Torah scholar.

Then stronger shekhinah dwell on the greater Torah Scholars like Rambam or Ramban?

What is the function of Shekhinah on Torah Scholars?

1 year


  1. The Shechinah is a dimension of God that can be connected to in the physical world. The more righteous a person is the closer they are to the Shechinah. A person who learns Torah and is a great Torah scholar and a truly righteous person can be privy to insights into the Torah that emanate only from the Spiritual Realms. The more righteous a person becomes the greater is his ability to tap into that incredible spiritual bounty. That means that incredible Torah scholars such as the Rambam and the Ramban were able to reach almost unparalleled levels of success in their Torah learning due to their closeness to the Shechinah.

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