Daniel 7:9


shalom aleichem

in rashi’s commantry on Daniel 7:9 we read:

ועתיק יומין יתיב. הקב”ה יושב למשפט על המלכות הזו ועל שלפניה שהכעיסו לפניו והציקו לבניו:

and in this translation we read:

and the Ancient of Days sat: The Holy One, blessed be He, was sitting in judgment on this kingdom and on those before it, who provoked Him and oppressed His children.

Question: does this word “שלפניה” in hebrew text, means “before it”?
i think word of “before” have several meaning for example “forth”, please help me. i’m confused

3 years


  1. Yes, the word “lefanehah” means”before”. Depending on the context it can also mean “in front of” as in someone standing in front of someone else.

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