Security Check on Shabbos


A shule I attend on Shabbos, sometimes, just instituted a guard (non jew) who uses an electronic wand. Is this mutar? Can I “be wanded” on Shabbos? What about my wife (both for Shabbos purposes and tzniut)?



  1. Unfortunately the new reality in the United States is that extra security is now requisite in many places. Due to the fact that the guard is not Jewish there is no issue with his using an electronic “wand” to check the people arriving and there is no Shabbos transgression involved.

    With regards to the Tznius issues of female attendees being scanned, in general the person being scanned is not touched by the guard (and more often than not they are not touched by the electronic wand either), and therefore there is no problem. However, due to the sensitive nature of the situation I would suggest that you discuss the issue with the Rabbi of the Shul to ascertain that it is completely permitted.

    Best wishes from the Team