Satan and Christianity


The angel of Edom is Satan. Edom also represents for Roman Empire, Western Civilization, and Christianity. Is the angel of Christianity Satan? Is there Satanic power behind Christianity?



  1. I am not aware of Christianity having some kind of “Satanic Power.” I did hear from my Rebbe many years ago that Christianity is a proof of God’s existence, as the core of its theology is so difficult to accept, and, yet, it is the largest religion in the world. In fact, Rabbi Yosef Albo (one of the greatest Jewish philosophers from almost one thousand years ago) writes that God granted them success so that they could spread the belief of Monotheism throughout the world.

    The Jewish religion and the Jewish nation have never been involved in missionary work – we have no interest in making the ranks of the Jewish People swell by taking in converts (especially not through extreme force which is what both the Christians and the Muslims did), but the concepts of the existence of only One God, and the obligation to worship only one God, and not to be involved in idol worship all had to be taught to the pagan world. Rabbi Albo says that this is the secret behind their extraordinary success.

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