Same or Different


Rabbi, Greetings True or false ? all people are essentially the same

, 15 years


  1. Your statement is both true and false. If the statement were referring to the genetic makeup of human beings the answer is definitely true. The human genome was finally mapped in the year 2003 and the results were astonishing – over ninety nine per cent of nucleotide bases are identical in all human beings. That means that regardless of race, color or creed the human genome is basically identical in everyone.
    But, in truth, people are really not the same. Jewish theology teaches that the physical dimension of the human body is of secondary importance to that of the spiritual. We believe that there are spiritual “genes” as well that make each and everyone of us completely individual and unique. Because there must be a blending together of the physical and the spiritual in this world the remaining .01 per cent of the genome is indicative of the fact that there is a different spiritual essence inside of each person, and that, by definition, is their true identity.

    Best wishes from the Team