Reward at the End of Days


Gmar chasima tova!
All our tzadikim, Avraham, Yitzchok, Yaakov, that are in olam Habah right next to the kisay hakavod. What are they lacking that won’t be fulfilled till mashiach comes and they get tichias hameisim- what is so great about techies hameisim as opposed to olam habah?



  1. Rabbi Moshe Matrani, known as the Mabi”t, writes in Beit Elokim that the body needs to to receive reward for its actions here in this world. The soul, after a period of purification, receives reward in the Spiritual Realms for all that it achieved in this world, but the body is buried and decomposes and seemingly receives nothing. However, he explains, this is not strictly accurate. The decomposition of the body is part of the purification process the body goes through. Once that happens, the body then needs to receive its reward for all of the Mitzvos it performed in this world. Techias Hameisim is the time when the body and the soul are reunited in order to experience their reward together.

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