Reproductive Cloning


Hi, I am writing an assignment on different Jewish perspectives regarding reproductive cloning for my study of religion class and just had a few questions.

What are some Jewish views on reproductive cloning?

Are the views different in orthodox and reform on reproductive cloning?

What scriptures and core beliefs mainly inform these views?

Thank you!



  1. Actually, a type of “genetic engineering” of sheep dates back to Biblical times: “In the watering trough where the sheep came to drink, Jacob set up striped sticks…and the sheep became stimulated when seeing the sticks, and when they gave birth, their offspring were striped, flecked and blotched.” (Genesis 30: 38-9)

    However, Israel’s Chief Rabbi emeritus, Rabbi Yisrael Lau, said that although nothing in halacha specifically prohibits reproducing humans via artificial genetics, it is contrary to basic Jewish concepts to do so. “The Torah gave a specific dispensation for doctors to use their knowledge to cure, and even to lengthen life, but the formation of new life goes way beyond that.”

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