Red String


Dear Respected Rabbi, Shalom! There was that wonderful tradition in the noble Jewish history. That of tying a part of red ribbon on Azazel goat’s horn on the sacred Temple door Post during Yom Kippur. Red ribbon would turn miraculously white on the death of Azazel goat. Did that tradition and occurence continue till the tragic dispersion of 70AD?

2 years


  1. The Talmud, Tractate Yoma, relates that a piece of red string was hung up in the Temple and if the Jewish People's repentance was accepted it would turn white. The custom to put it up was discontinued during the Second Temple as the lowly spiritual level of the Jewish People meant that the red string did not change color and the people became very despondent. So as not to depress the people a decision was taken not to hang it up again.

    Best wishes from the Team