Recorded Shiurim


Hi Rabbi. My question is – does listening to recorded shiurim count (or considered) as the mitzvah of learning Torah? Basically, is it a mitzvah to listen to podcasts about the Torah and Talmud? Thanks so much! All the very best, Stephen.

1 year


  1. I have heard that idea before and I do not see any intrinsic difference between a person sitting in a room and listening to a shiur being given live and listening to a prerecorded shiur, or even a shiur that is being live-streamed. They are each a way of fulfilling the mitzvah of learning Torah.

    However, there is certainly a great benefit in study with a partner or Rabbi – when you can have in-depth discussions and a back-and-forth interaction to help gain better understanding. But it is not always possible to study with a partner or a group.

    Best wishes from the Team