Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakai


Who was Rabbi Yochanan? He is quoted in the Tehillim commentary. How can I find out about him and his teaching? He comments in the Tehillim that the Shechinah stood atop the Mount of Olives for 3 and one-half years and proclaimed “Seek out HASHEM while He may be found.”

15 years


  1. Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakai lived at the time of the destruction of the Second Temple. He was the grandson of the famous Hillel and he was the spiritual leader of his generation and it was his bravery that allowed the spiritual center of the Jewish People to move from Jerusalem to Yavne. The verse is not one from Tehillim rather it is from Isaiah, chapter 55 verse 6. If you would like to furnish Just Ask with the exact place that you saw it I will be happy to try and investigate the matter for you.

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