Purpose to Life


If a mind, body and soul are connected, and the soul knows it’s supposed to be on earth to do mitzvos, why do some peoples’ minds tells them there is no purpose to their life?



  1. Because the body is a physical entity that tends to overwhelm the spiritual side of us. That means that a person can end up feeling disconnected from their soul because they are focused entirely on the physical. What is immeasurably sad is that it is even possible for a person who is keeping the mitzvos to be doing so only through rote, which can lead them to feel as disconnected as someone who is not keeping any mitzvos at all.

    The only real antidote to avoid such a scenario is to focus on Hashem throughout the day – not only at times when we are doing obviously religious things, but at all other times as well.

    Best wishes from the AskTheRabbi.org Team