Purpose of “Chronicles”


Could you please explain the purpose of Chronicles in the Bible?
It begins with lots of genealogies from Adam on.
Then it recaps stories from the 2 Books of Samuel (including King David)
and from the 2 Books of Kings. Why are these recaps necessary?
Does Chronicles also recap other parts of the Bible – Torah, Joshua, Judges, Prophets?

8 months


  1. The Book of Chronicles focuses mostly on the Davidic dynasty. What is it’s function? That’s a good question!

    It was written by Ezra after the Jewish People returned to the Land of Israel from the Babylonian exile. One of the things that Ezra did was to return the leadership to the House of David. Ezra could have easily kept the leadership for himself as he was the accepted spiritual head of the returning Jewish Nation, but he chose to place Zerubavel at the head of the Jewish People.

    Most of what appears in the Book of Chronicles is information that has already appeared the Books of Samuel and Kings, but there are all kinds of additions that were, presumably, culled from the various different chronicles that were written by the kings of Judah. Why did Ezra write it? It is a history of sorts, but one that is not necessarily a dry, historical record. Although it begins with the beginning of humanity, it really concentrates on King David and the line that will, hopefully, bring us very shortly to the Messianic Era.

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