Punishing the Wicked


Why does God punish the wicked people only a long time after they act wicked?

2 months


  1. Judaism believes that everything that God does is just and right. What is true is that it is very often impossible for us to understand God’s justice and goodness, because our vision is completely constricted in this physical world that we occupy. Once a person leaves this world, they are privy to the workings of God and everything becomes clear.

    There is an incredible story that is told about Rabbi Levi Yitzchok from Berdichev. During the time that he was the Rebbe, there were no droughts in the area. Droughts were doubly bad news for the Jews: first, there was no food, and, second, the Jews were blamed for the lack of rainfall. The year after Rabbi Levi Yitzchok died, there was a ferocious drought. The Rebbe who replaced Rabbi Levi Yitzchok went to his grave and prayed fervently. Finally, after many days of the same thing, Rabbi Levi Yitzchok appeared to his successor in a dream and told him that there was nothing he could do. When asked why not, Rabbi Levi Yitzchok answered, “Because from my vantage point here in the spiritual realms, I see why it has to be like this.”

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