Proof of God’s Existence


Where is there proof of G-d? How do we know he created the world?

, 15 years


  1. You pose one of the most basic and important questions in life.

    In recent years numerous books have been written on the subject. One book I highly recommend – that is not only about this – was recently published by ArtScroll and is called “Gateway to Judaism” by Rabbi Mordechai Becher.

    Our Forefather Abraham knew there was a Creator from the existence of our world. King David said he could see God from looking at the wonders of the human being.

    I personally find the strongest proof that there is one God who created the world, took the Jewish People out of Egyptian slavery and gave us the Torah at Mt. Sinai to be the proof from Maimonides. Look at the way in which the Torah was given to entire nation “in person” (Deut. 5:4) – a Torah which which teaches about the Creation along with everything necessary for life in this world the next.

    The Sinai experience has been passed down from father to son, from generation to generation until today. It is the same history and teachings that are transmitted yearly at the Passover Seder, and daily in study halls throughout the world. This is the testimony of an entire people to the truth that they experienced thousands of years ago that there is one God who created the world, Mankind, gave us the Torah and is eternal.

    Best wishes from the Team