Pesach in a Non-Jewish Work Environment


I work in a Jewish institution which employs a large number of non-Jews. Actually, I am the only Jew in the office. We all share a communal fridge and various snacks. It is assumed that if something is in the fridge it is for everyone’s consumption.

I brought in a container of peanut butter and leave it in this fridge. Must I take it out for Passover?

Wouldn’t taking it out be saying that it really is mine, even though I do not feel that way?
I do not want to remove it and have people think I do not want them to use it.

Although everyone seems respectful, often I overhear colleagues saying things like “that Law is stupid” etc. They are not being hateful, they just do not understand, and I would not want to do something that might incite any form of hatred towards my traditions.

My immediate supervisor has a private fridge (he is Christian). Would a solution be to ask him to hold the peanut butter in his fridge for the week? Please advise.

Thank you and chag Pesach kosher v’samaich!

1 year


  1. The simplest thing to do is for you to renounce your ownership over the peanut butter. In that way it belongs to anyone other than you. Then you can leave the peanut butter in the communal fridge and no one will be any the wiser that it is no longer yours.

    Chag Kasher v’Sameach to you, too!

    Best wishes from the Team