Passover Songs: BeChatzi HaLailah


Subject: BeChatzi HaLailah

At the conclusion of the Passover Seder, we usually sing
Adir Hu, Ehad Mi Yodea, Had Gadya. My family and my
rabbi’s family always skipped BeChatzi HaLailah.

My rabbi has found a new interest in this song due to the
the bible references in this song.

Does anyone in the Ask The Rabbi Team know
any melodies for BeChatzi HaLailah?

My rabbi and I thank you.

3 months


  1. There is no doubt that BeChatzi Halailah is a fascinating song! It is replete with all kinds of information and it is a journey through Tanach. However, having said that, I must confess that the only tune that I know is more akin to a dirge than a musical melody. It has been passed down through the generations, and, unfortunately, it sounds like it passed away a long time ago!

    Perhaps I can ask a friend (who is a Levite) and may have knowledge of other traditional tunes to this song. Still some time until Passover!
    If I hear any news on this, I will let you and your rabbi know.

    Best wishes from the Team