OTC Stress Medicine


Dear Rabbi, how can I achieve more tranquility and peace of mind in my life? Modern-day living seems so filled with worries and anxiety. Thank you.



  1. One way to increase tranquility in one’s life according to Judaism is through prayer. Prayer instills a state of rest and tranquility. I’ve heard many Orthodox Jews referring to prayer as their special time in the day for meditation and relaxing reflection.

    One who prays increases self-awareness that everything is in the hands of God. It is for this reason that our central prayer, the Amidah, is recited while standing with our feet together. This stance is identified as being similar to the angels, whom the prophet Ezekiel describes as having “one straight foot.” It is a posture that denotes immobility and demonstrates our belief that without God we are powerless and unable to move.

    Jewish law requires that we take responsibility for our life in this world. We are meant to work and to take care of our health. It is even recommended by many Rabbis to purchase health insurance as a responsible measure. Nevertheless, we believe that the success or failure of our endeavors is dependent upon the will of God. Since God is benevolent, and everything is in His hands, it follows that all events that befall us are ultimately for our good. The Talmud states, “Everything that the All-Merciful does is for the good.”

    Internalizing this concept enables a person to feel less anxious, more secure and tranquil, no matter what challenges are encountered. Clearly, we should not be jellyfish flowing with the tides of life without exerting effort or trying to change direction. Nor is the positive aspect of every circumstance always obvious to us. On the other hand, we should realize that whatever my happen, we are in good hands.

    Best wishes from the AskTheRabbi.org Team