Opposite-Gender Chavruta Partner


Can one have a chavruta partner for Torah study who is a platonic friend of the opposite sex (considering yichud laws are properly observed)?



  1. Even if it were possible to say that there is no clear Halachic prohibition, I would definitely advise you against doing so. A chavruta relationship is one that very often turns into an extremely close relationship. Learning Torah together builds bonds of friendship, respect and affection. Such relationships are forbidden according to the Halacha – even when the relationship is entirely platonic.

    Judaism teaches that the only relationship between a man and woman that should reach such a close level of bonding is that between a husband and wife. To voluntarily put yourself into a situation of such close proximity with a woman – of sitting near her or opposite her, of hearing her voice – over the space of many hours each week, is choosing to put yourself into an unnecessary nisayon (test). And this is something that one should endeavor to avoid at all times.

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