I recently heard the head of the Rand Institute, Yaron Brook, espouse the philosophy of ‘objectivism.’

My knee-jerk reaction was repulsion, as the whole approach is built on being selfish.

Certainly, I don’t understand how a society can exist if everyone is selfish, but always understood Judaism to promote selflessness as a means of imitating G-d.

Wondering if there’s a detailed Jewish response to objectivism…


9 months


  1. The whole of Jewish theology is a treatise against objectivism!

    The absolute foundation of Judaism is that everything is built around God, and God demanding of us that we take others into account.

    All of the classic (and not-so-classic) Mussar (Ethics) books are written to try and instill in us knowledge that each of us is an integral part of the greater whole. And it is only through our acknowledging this fact – and applying it practically – that each person can possibly reach their potential.

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