Number of the Jewish People Who Left Egypt


There were 72 people going to Egypt. In Numbers 3:17 and 26:59 we see that Moses was Levis grand grandchild. The fourth generation.
Josef is said to have been 30 years when he entered into power – Genesis 41:46 and 110 years when he died in Genesis 50:22 and saw his grand grandchildren, who probably were those who were in Exodus.

In Exodus 12:40 it says that Israel’s children lived in Egypt during 430 years and it says in verse 37 that there were 600,000 men AND women and children.

I can’t see they were really in Egypt during 430 years and can’t possible understand how 72 people could turn into, maybe, 1,2 million in FOUR generation – and in 430 years?

How do you understand that?

(I am a believing Christian who loves to read the bible.)





  1. Yours is a wonderful question! At first reading, it does seem as if the numbers do not add up.

    However, in the Midrashic texts our Sages teach us that there was a miraculous occurrence and the Jewish mothers had six children at once (see Midrash Rabbah Shemot 1:8). Working on the premise that each mother gave birth approximately ten times during the time the Jewish nation was enslaved in Egypt, this would mean that the number 600,000 is actually quite plausible.

    Best wishes from the Team