Nespresso Coffee Maker


Is is necessary to tovel a Nespresso coffee maker?

12 months


  1. This was taken from the Kof-K site:

    Electric Items: There is a dispute among the poskim if electric utensils require tevilah. Some say electric appliances are not considered utensils and do not require tevilah at all since they are regarded as being attached to the ground (while plugged in). Others say being plugged in is not considered attached to the ground. Others say since electric appliances may get ruined by toveling them there is no obligation to do so. Others say one should take it apart and have a yid should put it back together. In this situation one would not be obligated to tovel the utensil since it is considered as if the yid created a new utensil. Others say that one should tovel such utensils and they will not get ruined if they are left to dry for 24 hours before being used. This is the custom of many people.

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