Neighbor With COVID Refuses to Quarantine


Dear Rabbi,
I have a neighbor who is an Orthodox Jew who just tested positive for COVID-19, but is asymptomatic. He was told by the local health department that he must quarantine for 10 days, but he is ignoring all guidelines. He is leaving his home, going to supermarkets, shul, and the homes of others for Shabbos, and having others over his house. He acts like rules don’t apply to him. He openly opposes vaccines and I have never seen a mask on his face. What can I do about him in a way I can avoid speaking lashon hara or getting him in trouble with civil authorities?



  1. How I wish that people would be more responsible about the well-being of others. Personally, I think that the best course of action is to find out who his Rabbi is (either the Rabbi of his Shul or the Rabbi who he asks his personal questions to) and to speak with him, asking him to please trying to get your neighbor to quarantine.

    Best wishes from the Team