Natural Stress-Relief


Hi, Rabbi, I am beginning to more observant of living according to the practices of Judaism. Sometimes I find it a bit stressful to do everything, especially with all the other former pressures in my life. Any ideas of how I can deal with this?

5 months


  1. Stress of all sorts is unfortunately a part of many people’s lives nowadays — whether they are religiously observant or not. I would certainly hope that at least some, if not many, of your former causes of stress have diminished or disappeared. For example, keeping Shabbat should be a true day of rest that is free from stress.

    Here is a very important rule: The Torah states that “The Torah’s ways are ways of pleasantness.” This is the true nature of the Torah and a Torah-life if we adhere to it in letter and spirit. How can you succeed? I will not promise you that it is always easy, but I think that there are three practical tips for life of these “pleasant ways.”

    1. Be part of a Torah community that is lively, caring and supportive of each other. It can be a Synagogue, a JCC, or a volunteer organization for the needy – or whatever you find available and attractive.

    2. Find a local rabbi or observant friend to speak with on a regular basis and to learn Torah with. Besides gaining “book wisdom,” you are likely to receive personal advice on how to improve your lot in life.

    3. Have a positive attitude in your daily life. Expressing this by saying blessings and by praying to God can be calming and reassuring in many ways.

    I wish you much happiness and success!

    Best wishes from the Team