Nativity Scene


Dear Rabbi, I am Catholic and my husband Jewish. We accept that we have different faiths and respect that. My question is this: We have some Judaica out on display and celebrate Jewish and Christian holidays. The Christmas tree goes up every year but I have refrained from having any crosses or nativity scenes displayed. My parents both died within the last year and this year I put out a small nativity scene that was theirs in our basement where my husband probably wouldn’t see it. When he did see it, he told me if was offensive and to remove it. That really hurt my feelings as it is a reminder of my childhood Christmas’s. Am I being insensitive to him? I am a little hurt as I have no problem with his displays of his faith. Thank you.

2 years


  1. If you have never done such a thing before and you did not let your husband know that you were thinking of putting it up, I imagine that he was a little shocked and that might explain his reaction.

    Best wishes from the Team