Mussaf, Mincha and Hallel


Shalom aleichem Rabbi Lauffer. Thank you for answering my last question. Is it permitted on Shabbos to dry a kiddush cup with a piece of toilet paper, if one is not going to throw out the toilet paper afterwards but plans on using it after?

Also, if one missed shacharis but was not o’nes (i.e., he was negligent) in missing it, on a day when mussaf and hallel are said, and the time for mincha has arrived, would he daven mincha first, and then hallel and then musaf, or in which order should he daven these prayers. Thanks a lot.

11 months


  1. Please excuse me but I am not sure that I understand exactly what you are asking with regards to the Kiddush cup on Shabbos.

    If there is still time to daven Mussaf within the correct time Lechatchila, then one should daven Mussaf first and then Mincha. Otherwise Mincha should be davened first and afterwards Mussaf. Hallel can be recited all day, but it is probably better to recite it before Mussaf if there is time.

    Best wishes from the Team