Mummies in Museums


I just read someone else’s question about mummies at a museum. I have been to lots of museums throughout my life with mummies. It never crossed my mind that it had any halacha problems. I now wonder if there are any. What’s more, I am a Cohen. I never thought it was an issue for that either because they are not Jewish.



  1. Non-Jewish corpses do not spread spiritual impurity in the same way that a Jewish corpse does. In order to become spiritually impure through a non-Jewish corpse requires touching it, which in this scenario is impossible. However, due to the fact that there is no overwhelming reason why a Kohen should visit a place that contains these kinds of corpses, there are authorities who rule that it is better not to. Personally, I think that the correct thing to do is to ask your local Rav what he thinks is the best approach.

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