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I am studing the Hebrew Scriptures. I have difficulty finding answers, so please help me. I attached 44 questions, and plase give me corract answers for me. i already answered most questions, so please check the answer is right or not and give me corract answers. 1. The TaNaKh is divided into three sections. Name them in English.  Torah  Nevi’im  Ketuvim 2. “Torah” is a Hebrew word meaning…  Teaching  Instruction  Law 3. What did Rabbi Miller say was the reason that the first letter of Torah. The “Bet,” is shaped as it is? 4. Why does the Torah not offer any biography of G-d?  Because God is eternal  It is not the purpose of the Torah to tell us all about His history. The Torah is the building block for our understanding of how He wants to relate with us. 5. What is meaning of “creation ex nihilo”?  creation out of nothing (God created the universe from nothing) 6. What is the Biblical philosophy of history?  True history is the revelation of the activity of God in the affairs of men and the center of history is the Person and work of Jesus Christ, including His resurrection. 7. What is the first question posed in the Torah?  “G-d asks Adam…”Where are you?”” 8. What is the significance of “in his age” in the verse, “Noah was righteous man in his age? 9. What is the significance of the positioning of the rainbow in the story of Noah?  In Genesis 9:13, the rainbow is a sign of God’s covenant with mankind. After Noah survives the flooding of the earth in the story of Noah’s Ark God sent the rainbow to promise that he would never again send such a flood to destroy the world. 10. What was the specific motivation of the builders of the Noah?  To save himself from the flood. 11. What does the Bible give as the reason for G-d’s choice of Abraham?  Abraham realized the existence of G-d on his own, while living among idolaters who completely denied G-d’s existence. Furthermore, Abraham did not keep this knowledge for himself, rather he spread it to anyone who would listen and influenced many people to acknowledge G-d. Abraham was the first person who was an actually ready to sacrifice his life for G-d. 12. What are the two promises G-d makes to Abraham upon introducing Himself?  He promised that Abraham would receive a personal blessing and that he would become the father of a great nation of people (Gen. 12:1-3). God also promised to give Abraham and his family a special land and God said that through Abraham all the nations of the earth would be blessed. 13. What are the circumstances that motivation Abraham to argue with G-d? 14. What is the meaning of the Hebrew word “Akedah”?  Binding an animal for sacrifice; specifically, Abraham’s binding of Isaac for sacrifice to G-d–not consummated…The binding of the sacrifice. 15. What city was built over the mountain called “Moriah”?  Jerusalem rests upon four hills or mountains, Two of the Biblical names, Mount Zion and Mount Moriah. 16. Why a three day lapse between G-d’s call to Abraham and arriving at Moriah?  There is really no need for this g-d business. His name is Jehovah Gos and he wants us to be his friend. That means using his personal name. It is found in the bible at Exodus 3; 13-15 and 6;3. Jesus, his wonderful son, stated that he wanted to make God’s name MANIFEST, worldwide. Respected and known. G-d is disrespectful and only hides it. 17. Why does Jacob’s assailant re-name him “Israel”?  Right after the grappling take place at Gensis 32:28it states: Your name will no longer be called. Jacob but Israel for you has contended with God and with men so that you prevailed. 18. Define the wored “Covenant”  An agreement between God and his people in which God makes certain promises and requires certain behavior from them in return. The promises of God as revealed in the Scriptures, conditioned on certai



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